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What Is SEO

  • A Phoenix Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan is vital to your website’s success
  • The goal of Phoenix SEO is to drive traffic to your site, but your website must also convert that traffic into real sales
  • Successful SEO not only identifies the keywords your customers use, but also develops website entry points for specific keywor phrases
  • By integrating Phoenix search engine optimization into the design of your website your conversion rates will skyrocket
  • Our Phoenix SEO Company utilizes a Unified Design approach to web development, the goal of which is increased sales and profits

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What is SEO
Phoenix SEO

Phoenix SEO – Misunderstood but Valuable

Your website is your most valuable tool to generate business, and Phoenix search engine optimization (SEO) is the gateway that drive traffic to your site via the internet. More than one Phoenix SEO Company makes boastful claims, but the truth is that many business owners have become disillusioned with search engine optimization as a viable tool.

Why? Because most web design companies simply don’t understand the goal of SEO – increased sales.

While the goal of Phoenix SEO is to generate traffic to your website, there is far more to making a sale than simply creating a wider doorway. Indeed, successful Phoenix SEO must attract quality customers to your website, and the website must immediately provide them with the information they’re looking for in a clear and concise way.

So, while search engine optimization is a valuable tool, its value is only recognizable if other website elements are in place to capitalize on the increased traffic.


Why SEO Fails for So Many Phoenix Websites

There is a common misconception when it comes to SEO, and you see it repeated by both Phoenix web designers and so-called SEO experts alike. Conventional wisdom says to identify as many keywords and phrases as possible, and then stuff them all into the website’s home page. Then repeat this same process on all of the site’s interior pages, so that Google recognizes the site based on the keywords, resulting in traffic being driven to the site.

The problem with this strategy is that is seldom works, especially in competitive markets like Phoenix. Even if this strategy sees limited success, the content on the website is so general that it has little appeal to most users who are looking for something specific in their search.

Consider this example: You suddenly have a leak in your roof, even though it’s not raining (after all, it’s Phoenix). You use mGoogle to conduct a search for “roof leak when not raining.” The top ranking website has plenty of generic information about roof repair and the company’s credentials, but nothing specific about your query.

However, when you click the second ranked business on your Google search results page, you are led to a page titled, “Why is my roof leaking even though it’s not raining?” Not only does the page specifically answer your question, but the phone number is prominently displayed, so you pick up your phone and give them a call.

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Search Engine Optimization

Why did this work so well?

Phoenix SEO Should Be Incorporated into Your Website’s Design

The reason the conversion was made is because the user immediately found what they were looking for. This begs the question: How can you anticipate what your Phoenix customer’s are looking for when developing an SEO strategy?

While identifying the right SEO keywords is definitely important, it is also vital to incorporate them into the fabric of your website’s design. Instead of bogging down the home page with a haphazard collection of SEO keywords, it is better to focus one or two highly valuable SEO keyword phrases on multiple pages, each with its own unique angle. By doing so, you create multiple entry points that will appeal to a wider array of users.

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Your Website is Not a Storefront

The reason so many Phoenix business owners mistakenly overburden their homepage with SEO keywords is because they see it as a storefront with a single entrance. However, a website is not a storefront, but it is more like a mall, with many entry points for consumers with individual needs.

Our Phoenix SEO Company will use our proprietary tools and experience to identify the most valuable keywords and phrases for your Phoenix business – actual words being used by consumers on the search engines to find products relative to your market. Then we will develop multiple website entry points, each with highly-focused content relative to specific search queries.

When a consumer conducts a search and lands on your website, they are immediately greeted with relevant information – like a friendly salesman that guides them to the product they need. Still, there is one more element to successful Phoenix search engine optimization, and that deals with closing the sale.

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A Call to Action – The Final Step Toward Successful SEO

So, you’ve driven traffic to your Phoenix website via the search engines, and the user found exactly what they’re looking for. What’s the final step toward a successful conversion?

Your website must make it easy for the user to take action. In marketing, this is often referred to a “call to action,” and it means that you not only urge the customer to contact you, but also make it easy to do so. If you’ve ever searched a web page in vain to find the business’s phone number, then you already understand how important this SEO element is.

Whether you prefer your Phoenix customers to call you directly or fill out an online form for you to contact them, we will work this SEO design element into each and every landing page so that your conversions are maximized.

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Our Unified Design Approach to SEO Works

Obviously, there is far more to successful SEO than most people realize. Phoenix search engine optimization only works when it’s woven into the very fabric of the website’s design. The goal of SEO isn’t just to increase traffic to the site, but to drive quality traffic to the site that is ultimately converted into real sales, and real profit.

Our Phoenix SEO Company can incorporate an SEO strategy into a new website design, or into an existing site if that is your preference.

By working with a team of experts in a variety of fields, including SEO, you will be able to fully utilize the power of search engine optimization to increase your profits.

And isn’t that the whole point of SEO?

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