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  • Looking for a web design company? At LinkHelpers, we focus on a Unified Design approach to website development, the goal of which is to make you money
  • There is far more to web page design than layout – our company also focuses on driving traffic to your site and converting that traffic into sales
  • Elements contributing to a successful web design include content, SEO, and optimizing multiple web page entry points
  • Our web design company will also generate a smartphone-friendly version of your site, and create citations to rank it on Google Maps/Places
  • Contact the experts at LinkHelpers today and find out how we can create a website design that will increase your sales


This begs the question, What are the elements that make up a success website design?

The Parts that Make Up the Whole – Successful Web Site Design

There are plenty of companies that are proficient at web page design, but few have a firm grasp on why a website is developed in the first place – to make money. No matter how great the site looks, or how much traffic is driven to the page, it matters little if the bottom line doesn’t start to rise.

Our Unified Design approach to web development seamlessly incorporates all of the necessary elements for a successful website into one cohesive whole – like a tapestry with threads of different brilliant colors that are woven together to create a complex geometric pattern.

What follows are the elements our web design company utilizes to create your masterpiece:

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An Attractive and Thematic Website

This is the part of the web development process that most people imagine – creating a layout and theme that is appealing to the eye and establishes the company brand. However, it is also important to consider how users interact with a site. Is the website easy to navigate? Are customers eyes drawn into the page? Are the colors and photos able to convey a message of confidence and reliability?Indeed, there is a lot that goes into this aspect of web design, so it’s important to work with a skilled designer who can bring your ideas to like, and not just copy and paste your information into a ready-made WordPress site or some other cookie-cutter layout. Our web designers are the best in the business, and their layouts can be customized in any way you can think of.


Develop Original and Compelling Content

Many companies that offer web design services are able to create an attractive website, but ultimately fail when it comes time to develop original content. Worse, there are some designers that will copy and paste content from other web pages, which is not only illegal but will result in your website being penalized by Google.Your content must also resonate with the reader, engage their mind, appeal to their emotions, and ultimately motivate them to take action. In this way, your content acts like a salesman, directing the client to the product and then creating an urgency to buy. Our web design company works with professional freelance writers that possess exceptional marketing skills.


Identify SEO Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key element of our web design services. Again, we work with experts that focus solely on this important web design element. The goal of SEO is to drive traffic to your site when consumers use Google to search for the items or services they need.Successful SEO not only identifies the most valuable keywords and phrases used by consumers, but also incorporates them into the fabric of the website. Then, when a person lands on one of your website’s pages, they are immediately rewarded with information that is relative to their search query.

Establish Multiple Website Entry Points – Many web design services will try to stuff as many search phrases and keywords into the home page as possible. Not only does this dilute the search results, but it also makes the content vague and uninteresting.

  • Our web design company creates multiple entry points to your site in the form of landing pages with query-specific content. Instead of appealing to one type of customer, you instead appeal to a broad range of clientele, which we identify by researching the most popular search phrases.
  • Create an Identity on Google Maps/Places – This is another way in which you attract customers to your web site. Not only will we design a smartphone-friendly version of your web page, we will create a Google Plus page with citations so that you rank on Google Maps. If the company that provides your web design services doesn’t include this important element, you are missing out on every potential customer that uses a mobile device.
  • Quality Calls to Action – The final step is to make it easy for the user to act on their impulse to make a purchase. Whether you prefer correspondence by phone or email, contacting you should be simple for the client, whether they are on their laptop or smartphone.

So, now you see that there is a clear web page design path that leads to increased profits. No one element can stand on its own, but each helps prop the other up. Your customers then move along this path as follows…

Search for a product – Click on a relevant web page – Land on a web page that is immediately appealing – read content that satisfies their query and motivates them to make a purchase – easily finds the means by which to contact the business

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