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Our success track record spans 21 years

We have successfully ranked everything from fishing guide sites, all the way to Fortune 100 corporations with deadly accuracy. Our scientific approach to SEO is unique in the industry. SEO is not a “feel” it is about precision. It is very targeted, like a scalpel not a sledge hammer. We use our proprietary tool set, that we developed, to analyze what it takes to win.

When you work with LinkHelpers, you engage a team of over 40 seasoned professionals. Each member has his or her area of expertise. From precision and compelling content, statistically distributed popularity metrics, breathtaking web design, link and citation subject matter experts we deliver the results you need to succeed in the current competitive market. We will toil tirelessly so you can focus on your business and leave the results to us.

It is our belief that it is in our best benefit to ensure your success. And to that end, we will study the market and provide you with the precise metrics it takes to finesse your way to the top. Brute force SEO, Shotgun SEO, does not work. You don’t go into a dark barn and blast away hoping to only hit the rats. It is impossible to have a “feel.” We believe in hard cold numbers. Precision SEO requires a full understanding of the playing field, the odds and the exact requirements to win. We like to win. If you are reading this, you found us because we won. And we can help you win as well.

Steve Mapua
SEO Wizard & Marketing Guru

Steve began building and optimizing websites in 1995, long before the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was coined. He has seen the changing search landscape and the evolution of different search engines. He brings a mathematical approach that is unique in the field. Using advanced statistical analysis Steve has back engineered relevance calculations allowing us to rank content with precision. There isn't an SEO question he can't answer.

Valerie Arnold
Sales & Marketing

Valerie brings with her over 30 years experience in sales and marketing. Honing her skills as a manufacturer's representative then in chemical sales. She is very intuitive in understanding client needs and how best to optimize for their target market. She's been with LinkHelpers since 2008 and has been an indispensable asset since. She also assists in office management and accounting. Valerie has the ability to see the obvious that elude most folks.

Lucy Kairalla
MBA Marketing Strategist

A highly dynamic marketing strategist with extensive experience in building brands and executing digital marketing strategy for B2B and B2C, Lucy is an asset when it comes to building powerful digital campaigns. Passionate and with an in-depth understanding of the many facets of business to business dynamics and cultural specific communication, she has collaborated with LinkHelpers in planning and implementing a variety of successful and sophisticated strategies to clients across the US.
Paul Wilson
Server Admin & Web Development

Paul joined LinkHelpers in 2014, bringing his extensive knowledge in server administration, programming, and web development. He excels in debugging and finding root causes. He is responsible for WordPress development and widget creation. Paul also manages Power Listings as well as Google Places optimization. In the short time he's been with us, he has mastered on-site optimization and is becoming quite the SEO expert. Paul is your first goto person if you have any issues.

Andrew Cremata
Sr SEO Content Writer

Andrew has been writing optimized content for LinkHelpers since 2004. He is a published author, professional photographer, outdoorsman, newspaper and magazine columnist. We’re fortunate to have him in our team. Andrew helped debug our Relevance Calculator, proprietary content writing tool. He excels in mastering the writing of difficult subjects and draws the reader with his compelling prose.

Jee Ann Guibone
Feature Writer
Jee Ann started working online in 2014 after several years of teaching English. She has written various articles and online content for different brands and has recently joined LinkHelpers as a content writer. Jee Ann specializes in historical research and travelogue style articles.
Carmel Lago
Social Media
Before joining LinkHelpers as a blogger, Carmel did various online jobs. She worked as an Online English Tutor, a Remote PC technician, and a Social Media Intern at a UK-based entertainment website. She loves to learn, and loves to read. Carmel also manages her blog, where she shares her love for books.
Rod Bradley
SEO Content Writer

First and foremost, we’d like to thank Rod for his service in the Navy. Rod is a disabled veteran. Rod excels in researching history of some of the most arcane subjects. He is able to write content of historical value and weave together interesting and compelling narratives. Rod has been with LinkHelpers since 2012 and has been an asset ever since.

Mar Enriquez
Web Design & Development

Mar is a one of a kind artist. He is responsible for designing the beautiful websites we create for our customers. He began his career as a linker until we realized his true talents and calling was in creative design. Because of his passion, Mar has kept abreast of all the latest technologies and can put wings on WordPress and make it fly. Mar has been with LinkHelpers since 2007

Racquel Peña
Web Dev Project Manager

Racquel has been with LinkHelpers since 2007. She started out as a Web Development assistant. She has risen to numerous management positions in her tenure at LinkHelpers. She currently functions as Web Development Project Manager, Alternate Server Administrator and oversees all Link Teams. She is an indispensable member of our team of professionals.

Maryjoyce Christine Ventura
Graphic & Web Designer

Joyce is our Graphic & Web Designer. She excels in designing beautiful websites. When she has free cycles, she will assist in web development. She is a great addition to our team of professionals. Joyce has been with LinkHelpers since 2012.

Emerson Dela Merced
Link & Citation
Subject Matter Expert

Emerson is our Link & Citation Subject Matter Expert. He monitors sites making sure we stay within the strict parameters we know the SE's want to see. His team is responsible for disavow files should anything go haywire. He also notifies the Link Team Leaders of domains exceeding these parameters. Emerson has been with LinkHelpers since 2012

Alex Wu
Link & Citation Team Leader

Alex began working with LinkHelpers in 2010. He has a can do attitude bar none. Present him with a challenge and Alex will always rise to the occasion, exceeding expectations. Alex excels in Reputation Management as well as article guest postings. His contributions are too many to count. Alex manages a team of 12.

Donnalyn Mangune
Link & Citation Team Leader

Donna began working for LinkHelpers in 2006. She started out as a linker and quickly moved up to lead. She’s a meticulous problem solver and is detail oriented. She has come up with many innovative solutions and continues to contribute her ideas to better serve our clients. Donna manages a team of 10.

Lhevie Lasic
Link & Citation Team Leader

Levi has been a member of the LinkHelpers organization since 2006. She started out as a link and citation member. Due to her attention to detail has moved up to lead and then to Team Leader. She currently manages a team of 10.